YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 18, RA President Serzh Sargsian signed a decree to relieve Armen Arzumanian of his duties as the Press Secretary of the President of Armenia. By another presidential decree of April 18 Arman Saghatelian was appointed as the new Spokesman of the Head of State. Since 2011 and until the new appointment, Arman Saghatelian was the Director of “ArmRadio FM 107” radio station.

As we have reported, Armen Arzumanian was the RA President’s Spokesman for more than three years (since March 12, 2010). For this position he had left the post of the Executive Director of Public Television of Armenia, which he held since the foundation of PTA in 2001 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, March 12-18, 2010). On the day of his resignation, Armen Arzumanian wrote on his Facebook page that he does not imagine himself without TV. According to YPC’s information, Armen Arzumanian will hold the office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “PanArmenian Media Group”. The media holding includes three TV channels (“ArmNews”, “Armenia”, “ATV”), two radio stations, one of which is the abovementioned “ArmRadio FM 107”, as well as the PanArm Publishing House.