YPC Weekly Newsletter



On June 21, editors of fifteen online media made a joint statement to express concern regarding the widespread practice of the gross violations of copyrights in the Internet. “The hard work of a journalist becomes the “property” of almost all the media in a matter of minutes, which often do not make any due references”, the authors of the statement stressed (hereinafter quoted from “Statement of Websites’ Editors”, published on June 21, 2013 in Aravot.am, one of the statement signatories). The editors called their colleagues to adhere to the developed rules of interaction between online media. Particularly, they proposed: to provide a hyperlink to the original source in the title or the first sentence of the reprinted piece (including video); not to reproduce the whole content of the piece so that the reader will need to refer to the original source; not to repost more than three photos and provide a hyperlink for them, preserving its logo, unless the photo is used for making demotivators.

It takes note that a month ago, on May 21, the heads of more than ten print media made a similar statement to express their concern on the increasing cases of copyright violations in the Global Web. They suggested the online media, which use their products, sign respective contracts (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, May 17-23, 2013).