YPC Weekly Newsletter



On July 3, Internews Media Support public organization registered its new name and logo. From now on Internews will be known as Media Initiatives Center (MIC). According to Nouneh Sarkissian, the Managing Director of the MIC (once called Internews), the renaming signifies a new stage in the development and self-identification of the NGO, but it does not mean that the values and mission of Internews will change. The Media Initiatives Center will continue to cooperate with all its partners, including the Internews offices in various countries. The email addresses and the website of the organization will remain the same until the rebranding process is over.
It is to be noted that the Media Initiatives Center (once known as Internews) operates in Armenia since December 1996. The Internews Media Support public organization was registered in February 1998. The mission of the NGO is to contribute to the development and dissemination of free, independent and pluralistic information through applying creative and innovative approaches, thus assisting in the establishment of democratic values, diverse and harmonious development of the society.