YPC Weekly Newsletter



On September 10, the RA National Assembly adopted in first hearing the Draft Law “On Supplementing the RA Law ‘On Copyright and Related Rights’”.

It is suggested to amend the current Copyright Law by Article 22.1, which stipulates conditions for using news pieces. Particularly, Paragraph 1 of the Article provides that partial reproduction of a news piece of a print/online media by another print/online media – without the author’s consent and payment – shall be permitted only "within the reasonable limits". Moreover, the content of the quoted material should not be fully disclosed.

According to Paragraph 2 of Article 22.1, a reference to the source is required for partial reproduction of news pieces. If a material is an online reproduction from a print media, its title should bear the name of the given media. If a material is an online reproduction of another online media, its title should bear the name of the given online, in Latin-script, and a hyperlink to it.

Paragraph 3 of Article 22.1 stipulates that full reproduction/reprint of a news piece shall be made only upon the author’s consent.

As we have reported, with regard to the increasing number of copyright violations in the Internet, statements urging to settle this issue were made on May 21, 2013 by the heads of print media (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, May 17-23, 2013) and on June 21, 2013 by the editors of online publications (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, June 21-27, 2013).