YPC Weekly Newsletter




On September 15, Aravot.am in its piece “A 3 Million Lawsuit Against ‘Aravot’” informed that the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan accepted the defamation lawsuit filed by “M.Gevorgian” LLC against “Aravot” daily and its correspondent Nelly Babayan.

The lawsuit disputes two pieces by Nelly Babayan, “Pedestrian Underpass Is a Motel” and “Pedestrian Underpass Is Also a Work Place of Prostitutes”, published in “Aravot” newspaper on August 21 and on Aravot.am on August 22, 2014. “M.Gevorgian” LLC, who is, according to the pieces, the owner of the night club situated in the underpass, demands 3 million AMD (about 5,600 euros) for compensation of the damage caused to its honor, dignity and business reputation. The lawsuit was filed on August 26 and accepted on August 28. The hearings were scheduled for December 5.

“Aravot” told YPC  that before filing the case “M.Gevorgian” LLC did not demand refutation from them. The newspaper also stressed that after the pieces had been published, they were receiving phone calls with threats.