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March 4-10

On March 9 another program from “E-Club” weekly cycle went on the online broadcast of “A1+” TV company (www.a1plus.am). The “E-Club” is produced by Yerevan Press Club in cooperation with “A1+” TV company under “Alternative Resources in Media” project, supported by USAID.

The information and education blocs, particularly, dealt with the website of Armenian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, as well as the good and bad sides of Gmail. One of the blocs presented the critics of bloggers on the February 25, 2011 interview of RA Prime-Minister Tigran Sargsian (who also has his blog) to major Armenian TV channels. The guests of the discussion part of “E-Club”, poetess Marineh Petrosian and blogger Karen Vrtanesian considered the increasing popularity of social networks, primarily Facebook, and the decreasing interest of users towards blogs.

The next “E-Club” will be aired on “A1+” on March 15.


On March 3 RA National Assembly adopted in first hearing the draft law on introducing amendments to the RA NA Regulations. In particular, it is suggested to broadcast online the parliamentary open sessions on the National Assembly website. According to the draft law, the amendment will come into effect since October 1, 2011.


“Aravot” daily continues the article series, which examine the applications of the digital broadcast competition winners. As it has been reported, the applications copies were provided by National Commission on Television and Radio on the request of Anna Israelian, the series’ author and “Aravot” observer. Since February 17-25, 2011 the 5 winners of six competitions for national broadcasters of general profile have been presented. The application of competition No.6 (“Ansver” LLC) was not requested by the daily, as the competition was held for rebroadcasters.

On March 8, 2011 the article of Anna Israelian dealt with competition No.7 (for TV channels of Yerevan of entertainment profile), the winner of which became founder of “ATV” channel - “ATV” LLC. The March 10, 2011 piece presented the winner of competition No.8 (for Yerevan TV channels of youth profile) - “’Yerevan’ TV Company” CJSC. The rival of “Yerevan” TV founder in this competition was the founder of “ALM” TV channel - “ALM Holding” LLC.


The Fritt Ord Foundation, Oslo, Norway, and the Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius “ZEIT” Foundation, Hamburg, Germany, announced the winners of Prize Free Press of Eastern Europe for 2011. The awardees became four journalists from Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Belarus, Russian weekly “Chernovik” and the website of “A1+” TV company (www.a1plus.am).

The Annual Gerd Bucerius Prize Free Press of Eastern Europe was established by “ZEIT” Foundation in 2000 to encourage journalists, “who, despite official pressures and economic difficulties, defy censorship in all its manifestations including self-censorship”. Since 2004 this award has been granted in collaboration with Norwegian Fritt Ord Foundation.

The award ceremony of 2011 laureates will take place on June 15 in Oslo at the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

It should be noted that the Armenian media representatives receive the Prize Free Press of Eastern Europe for already the third time: in 2010 the Prize winner was Edik Baghdasarian, Chairman of “Investigative Journalists” NGO and Editor of “Hetq” newspaper, in 2009 - free-lance journalist Marianna Grigorian.

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Editor of YPC Newsletter - Elina POGHOSBEKIAN

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