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November 25 - December 1

On November 24 the season’s last pre-election debate of “Yerkri Demky” (“Face of the Country”) was held on the evening air of “Yerkir Media” TV company. The cycle is produced by Yerevan Press Club under “Alternative Resources in Media” project, supported by USAID.

YPC Expert Gegham Baghdasarian hosted Lilit Galstian, RA National Assembly Deputy of ARF “Dashnaktsutiun” faction, and Aram Karapetian, Chairman of “New Times” party. The debates centered on the 2012 parliamentary elections, the draft law of “Dashnaktsutiun” parliamentary faction “On Bodyguards and Security Service”, as well as the November 13, 2011 elections of Ijevan Mayor, on which the candidate of “Prosperous Armenia” party Vardan Galumian won the 12-years incumbent Mayor Varujan Nersisian, representative of the Republican Party of Armenia.

Watch the “Face of the Country” of November 24, 2011 here



On November 25 another program of “Press Club” cycle was broadcast by “Yerkir Media” TV company. The “Press Club” talk-show cycle deals with journalism ethics and is produced by Yerevan Press Club in frames of the “Promoting Freedom, Professionalism and Pluralism of the Media in the South Caucasus and Moldova” programme, co-funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe.

The theme of the talk-show were the issues regarding refutation and the right to reply, which were considered by the program participants under court litigations between public figures and Armenian media. The discussants, lawyer Tigran Atanesian and Chief Editor of “Zhoghovurd” daily Taguhi Tovmasian, presented their stances on this acute problem for the media community. The talk-show experts were Gevorg Hayrapetian, lawyer of Freedom of Information Center, Edik Baghdasarian, Chief Editor of “Hetq” online publication, Astghik Gevorgian, Chairwoman of Journalists’ Union of Armenia, and Daphne Keone, CoE expert, Secretary General of the Netherlands Press Council. The discourse was led by YPC President Boris Navasardian.

The next “Press Club” show will be on the air of “Yerkir Media” on Friday, December 2 at 18.35 (rerun - on Tuesday, December 6 at 14.15).

Watch “Press Club” of November 25, 2011 here



On November 29 the year’s final show of “Yerkragund” (“Globe”) cycle went on the evening air of “Yerkir Media” TV company. The current show was produced by Yerevan Press Club under YPC and Internews Network project, “Dialogue Building Between Armenia and Turkey”, supported by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of US Department of State.

The guests of YPC Expert Mikayel Zolian were Styopa Safarian, RA National Assembly Deputy, Head of “Heritage” faction, Artur Ghazarian, representative of Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia, turcologist, observer of www.news.am Andranik Ispirian, turcologist Anush Hovhannisian. The discussion focused on the perspectives of Armenian-Turkish economic ties, particularly the Armenian-Turkish business forum, held on November 22-23 in Yerevan, during which a memorandum on cooperation was signed.

Watch “Yerkragund” of November 29, 2011 here



On November 29 another program from “E-Club” weekly cycle went on the online broadcast of “A1+” TV company (www.a1plus.am). The “E-Club” is produced by Yerevan Press Club in cooperation with “A1+” TV company under “Alternative Resources in Media” project, supported by USAID.

The program was dealing with job search opportunities via Internet: websites of job placement agencies, particularly, www.job.am; useful information for people, looking for a work; advantages and risks of speculating at Internet stock exchanges, etc.  The ratings of online sources and headlines of last week were presented by publicist, writer and blogger Hovik Charkhchian. The websites’ top list is headed by www.news.am, while the most popular news were the tensions on the contact line of Armenian and Azerbaijani military forces.
The next “E-Club” will be aired on “A1+” on Tuesday, December 6 at 15.50 (rerun - on Thursday, December 8 at 18.20).


In the evening of November 25 the eleventh talk-show of “Press Club+” cycle went on the live air of “ALT” TV company of Armavir. The program participants - journalists, media experts, party and NGO representatives - discussed the capacities of new media within electoral processes. The “Press Club+” is produced by Yerevan Press Club in cooperation with regional TV companies under “Alternative Resources in Media” project, supported by USAID. On the same day in Armavir media experts met with the local community.

Watch “Press Club+” of November 25, 2011 here



On November 30 RA Administrative Court secured the suit of Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression versus RA Ministry of Health. On February 11, 2011 the CPFE inquired the Ministry on information about journalists, who had been accredited or refused of accreditation. Not receiving an answer, on March 25 CPFE addressed the Court, demanding to hold the actions of the Ministry unlawful and bind it with replying to the inquiry. The suit was taken into consideration on March 29, the hearings started on July 9.

According to the November 30 Administrative Court ruling, the actions of the Ministry were held unlawful. It should be also noted that during the litigations the plaintiff refused his other demand, as after filing the court it had received the inquired information.


On November 29 court of general jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative districts of Yerevan started hearing the suit of Benik Harutiunian, Director of RA Balneology and Physical Medicine Research Center, versus founder of “Zhoghovurd” daily, “Editorial Office of ‘Zhoghovurd’ Daily” LLC. As it has been reported, the reason of the suit became the piece “The Doctor’s Adventures in the Goldfields”, published in “Zhoghovurd” on September 9, 2011 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, October 14-20, 2011). The article quoted the US citizen Nuneh Serobian, who alleged that she had a common business with Benik Harutiunian, and he refused to return her more than $ 200,000 she had invested. The plaintiff demanded to oblige the newspaper to refute the information discrediting his honor and dignity, and pay him off 2,2 mln AMD (about $ 5,800), from which 2 mln - as a moral damage compensation and 200,000 - court costs.

The next court hearings will take place on December 16.


On November 28 “Zhoghovurd” daily informed that its founder, “Editorial Office of ‘Zhoghovurd’ Daily” LLC, has lodged a counter action on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation versus the Governor of Gegharquniq region Nver Poghosian. This information was reported in the editorial, placed on “Zhoghovurd” website, www.armlur.am. Earlier, Nver Poghosian had contested the article “The Governor Took a Bribe”, published in “Zhoghovurd” on October 7, 2011. The lawsuit versus the daily founder and “Zhoghovurd” correspondent Anna Torosian contained demands on refuting the information that discredited the honor and dignity of the Gegharquniq Governor, as well as compensating 2,5 mln AMD (over $ 6,500): 2 mln - as a moral damage compensation, and 500,000 - court costs. The hearings on the case started on November 17 at Gavar court of general jurisdiction of Gegharquniq region (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, November 18-24, 2011).

As the editorial of “Zhoghovurd” noted, on the November 17 court session the attorneys of Nver Poghosian announced that the newspaper had no right to publish such a piece, as “the Governor is a public figure”. Meanwhile, “Zhoghovurd” stressed that the Governor had not directly addressed the newspaper requiring a refutation. Subsequently, the Governor aims to cause a financial damage to the newspaper and curtail its right to free dissemination of information, “Zhoghovurd” concluded. Such a matter of facts and the public announcements of Nver Poghosian regarding the contested piece were assessed as libel and insult by “Zhoghovurd”. In its counter claim the daily’s founder demanded from the Governor a moral loss compensation of 1 luma (the smallest Armenian currency) and apologies, the editorial of “Zhoghovurd” emphasized.

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Editor of YPC Newsletter - Elina POGHOSBEKIAN

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