Director of “Artakarg Alik” Information Center

Date and Place of Birth: December 15,1957, Yerevan, Armenia


1977-1981 Yerevan State University; Department of Journalism

1998 seminar under NATO “Information in Emergencies” (Budapest)

1999 seminar MAGATE “Information During Nuclear Disasters” (Vienna)

2000 training under the NATO program “Information in Emergencies” (Austria)

2001 seminar under Soros Foundation project “Drug and Alcohol Addiction” (Budapest)

2002 seminar “Protection of Women Rights” (Kishinev)

2002 training “Civil Defence in USA” (New Hampshire, USA)


2003-present director and editor of “Artakarg Tert” newspaper

2000-present director of “Artakarg Alik” information center

1993-present counsellor to the head of the RA Department for Emergency Situations

2002 head of “Kentron“ TV company information department

1997-2002 head of the public relations and information division of RA Department for Emergency Situations

1997 author and presenter of “Artakarg Alik“program on the Public Television of Armenia

1996-1997 founder and director of “Vesti“ newscast on “Nork“ TV channel

1995-1996 deputy director of the Public Television of Armenia news service

1990-1994 head of the information department of the RA Ministry of Interior Affairs

1990-1994 founder and author of “02“ TV series of State TV and Radio Committee of Armenia; founder and chief editor of “02“newspaper

1992 author of “02“ program on the National Radio of Armenia

1982-1989 editor, chief editor of legal propaganda department of State TV and Radio Committee of Armenia

Membership in Journalistic Associations and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 1984 Journalists Union of Armenia

Since 2002 Yerevan Press Club

Membership in Elective State Administration Bodies:

1995 candidate for RA National Assembly seat


1992-2002 honorary certificates and diplomas from the RA Ministry of Interior and RA Department for Emergency Situations

1987 First prize for the TV program “Road-Transport-Pedestrian“ in All-Union Movie Festival, Novosibirsk

2000 First prize for the film “Litmus Operation“ in Interstate Movie Festival of the CIS and Baltic countries, Moscow

Publications: “Aravot“, “Hayots Ashkhar“ dailies, “Aragast“ magazine (USA), National Radio of Armenia, Public Television of Armenia, “Prometheus“, “Armenia“, “Nork“ TV companies

Hobbies: fishing, hunting

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English

Marital Status: married, three children

Contact Information:

Tel. (374 10) 56 76 56


Web site: