YPC Weekly Newsletter



On September, at the age of 66 the veteran of Armenian journalism Vitaliy Danilov
passed away before his time. From 1968 till 1983 Vitaliy Danilov worked with
“Communist” newspaper, later – for the Central Committee of the Communist Party
of Armenia. In 1981 Vitaliy Danilov was awarded the diploma of the Journalists
Union of USSR for successful newspaper campaigning in 1980. Being an active
participant in Karabagh movement, in 1991 Vitaliy Danilov was elected to be
the Chairman of the Association of Protection of Rights of Karabagh and the
Co-Chairman of the International Congress of Human Rights in the framework of
OSCE. Since 1999 he had lived in Moscow. Having authored numerous articles on
the problem of Mountainous Karabagh, published in a number of Russian media,
during the past years Vitaliy Danilov was writing a book on the resolution of
Karabagh conflict. He did not have time to publish the book…

Yerevan Press Club expresses its condolences to Vitaliy Danilov’s
family and friends.