Draft Law “On Television and Radio” – developed by the working group of Yerevan Press Club, Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression and Media Initiatives Center. On July 11, 2019 the draft law was presented to the specialized commission of the RA National Assembly. The working group invites all the interested parties to discuss the document («Հեռուստատեսության եւ ռադիոյի մասին» օրենքի նախագիծ).

Procedure of registration, classification and archiving of the information processed by the owner of the information or imparted for him, as well as the procedure of providing duplicates (copies) of information by state institutions and organizations, local self-government bodies – approved by the RA Government on October 15, 2015 (Կարգ).

Background of the Issue: RA Law “On Freedom of Information” was adopted in September 2003, becoming one of the few progressive documents that are highly appraised by the international experts. The Law in general ensures the realization of a right to access and receive information. However, for the last 12 years since the adoption of the Law the journalistic community had been insisting on the necessity of developing and approving the by-laws in accordance with the requirements of Articles 5 (“Recording, Classifying and Maintaining Information”) and 10 (“Conditions of Providing Information”) of the Law, which are important guarantees of free access to information. The absence of such a procedure for granting or refusal of information, specifying lists of the  information to be published and other issues related to putting the Law into practice resulted in its unsatisfactory implementation. Obligation to develop the appropriate document was put on the Armenian Government.

↓ The below mentioned documents regulating the media sphere are available at RA National Assembly and at ARLIS, Armenian Legal Information System 

RA Constitution

RA Law “On Mass Communication”

RA Law “On Television and Radio”

Regulations of the National Commission on Television and Radio

Regulations of the RA National Assembly, Article 97

Concept Paper on Digitalization of Television Broadcasting

RA Law “On Licensing”

RA Law “On State Duty”, Article 19

RA Law “On Electronic Communication”

RA Law “On Freedom of Information”

RA Civil Code, Articles 19 and 1087.1

RA Criminal Code, Articles 144, 148-154, 164, 333

RA Criminal Procedure Code, Articles 16 and 86

RA Electoral Code, Articles 19, 20, 22, 22’, 23, 81, 113

RA Law “On Language”

RA Law “On Advertising”

RA Law “On Copyright and Related Rights”

RA Law “On State and Official Secret”

RA Law “On Bank Secret”

RA Law “On Fight against Terrorism”

RA Law “On the Legal Status of Military Situation”

RA Law “On Internal Troops”

RA Law “On Realization, Consumption and Use Limitation of Tobacco”

RA Law “On Drugs and Psychotropic Substances”

RA Law “On Medicines”

RA Law “On Children’s Rights”