YPC Weekly Newsletter



On October 13 at the RA National Assembly the deputy of Republican Party of
Armenia faction Nahapet Gevorgian poured abuse and threats on the correspondent
of “Aravot” daily Anna Israelian. The “indignation” of the MP was caused by
the article published in “Aravot” where he was mentioned. Actually, while abusing
Anna Israelian, the deputy did not even know that the article was written not
by her, but by “Aravot” correspondent Naira Mamikonian. According to Anna Israelian,
Nahapet Gevorgian was contained by the Secretary of “Ardarutiun” faction Grigor
Harutiunian. Further, the journalist said, peer MPs took Gevorgian aside, trying
to calm him down for some time, were explaining something to him, after which
the head of the United Labor Party faction Grigor Arsenian brought him to apologize
– literally by hand. During the same day, Anna Israelian noted, Nahapet Gevorgian
apologized to her again; moreover, some Republican deputies apologized for their
colleague’s behavior, too. As “Aravot” correspondent informed YPC, on the same
day Nahapet Gevorgian talked to the author of the article that infuriated him,
without exceeding the limits of courtesy.

It should be noted here that this is not the first case of “showdown” with the
journalists, made by MPs at the Parliament. A similar incident occurred on May
23 between another Republican deputy, Alexander Sargsian, and the parliament
correspondent of “Iravunk” newspaper Taguhi Tovmasian (see details in YPC Weekly
Newsletter, May 26 – June 1, 2006).

Notably, the “bite” on Anna Israelian occurred on the day when an extraordinary
session was held at the National Assembly to decide whether Republican MP Hakob
Hakobian was to be deprived of the deputy immunity upon the motion of the RA
General Prosecutor. In the interview published by “Aravot” daily on the same
day, October 13, the RA NA Speaker, Republican Party Member Tigran Torosian
noted, in particular: “Being a deputy is a responsibility to people and state.”
On our behalf we would like to add that being a deputy means to master at least
basic courtesy in communicating with people, in this case – journalists.