YPC Weekly Newsletter



On February 26 in Yerevan at the press-conference of the Chairman of the Council
of Public TV and Radio Company Alexan Harutiunian the issue of broadcasting
parliamentary programs by the public broadcaster was raised. As reported, on
February 16 the RA Constitution Court recognized some provisions of the “RA
National Assembly Regulations” to be contradicting the Main Law of the country.
This refers to the clauses that commit the First Channel of the Public Television
of Armenia and Public Radio of Armenia to broadcast parliamentary programs on
certain days and hours (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, February
16-22, 2007

According to Alexan Harutiunian, the relations between the parliament and the
Public TV and Radio Company will be reconsidered after elections to the RA NA,
that is, in September this issue will be discussed with the leadership of the
newly summoned parliament. So far, the Chairman of the PTRC Council informed,
the parliamentary programs will go on the air of Public Radio of Armenia in
the same volume and at the same times. No significant changes will occur in
the schedule of PTA First Channel either: the broadcasting of the NA sessions
on questions to the Government and answers to them will again be made on Wednesdays,
but in a shorter version (not for 3-4 hours, as before); the “Parliamentary
Week” TV program cycle will continue to be aired on Sundays but an hour earlier,
at 20.00.