YPC Weekly Newsletter



On June 14 “Freedom House” international human rights organization released
its annual report “Nations in Transit 2007”.

In the report section on Armenia the situation in the country is presented,
also with regard to freedom of the media. In particular, “Freedom House” notes
that in 2006 the composition of regulatory body for broadcast media was under
discussion, attacks on journalists increased, and government harassment against
independent media in the run-up to 2007 parliamentary elections rose. “Although
the media community had some success in influencing government policy in media-related
areas, this was offset by the increase in violence against journalists”, the
report says. The media situation is illustrated by the examples of attacks on
journalists and media, the legislative changes that occurred in 2006. By the
assessment of “Freedom House” Armenia’s rating for independent media is now
5.75, having deteriorated in comparison with 2005 and 2006, when it equaled
5.50. According to another “Freedom House” study – on freedom of the press worldwide
– the Armenian media are classed as not free for five years already, since 2002
(see YPC Weekly Newsletter, April
27 – May 3, 2007