YPC Weekly Newsletter



On November 9 the RA Central Elections Commission announced the presidential
elections day, February 19, 2008, and approved the schedule for the election
preparation and administration. In accordance with Article 20 of the RA Electoral
Code, the TV and radio companies of Armenia, regardless of the ownership form,
must publicize their tariffs for political advertising during the official election
campaign not later than 10 days after the appointment of the national elections
day, that is, till November 19. At the same time, the law provides, the announced
price is not subject to change throughout the whole campaign period.

The Public TV and Radio Company has already announced its tariffs. On the First
Channel of Public TV Company of Armenia one minute of paid airtime, allocated
to the pre-election promotion of presidency candidates, costs 80,000 AMD, on
Public Radio of Armenia – 20,000 ($ 1 is equal to 317 AMD). The promotional
materials aired by the First Channel will also be broadcast by “Shirak”
(a part of Public TV and Radio Company structure) and by the PTA satellite connection.
As to another public TV channel, “Nor Alik”, there will be no political advertising
on it. Notably, the tariffs and the political advertising terms of the public
broadcaster have remained the same as during the campaign for elections to the
RA National Assembly, held in May 2007.

In accordance with the Electoral Code, each registered presidency candidate
is entitled to 60 minutes of free and 120 minutes of paid air on the Public
TV of Armenia. On Public Radio of Armenia the quote of free airtime makes 120
minutes, that of paid – 180 minutes.