YPC Weekly Newsletter



Since January 27, 2001 the publication of “Zhamanak” daily was stopped. The reason lies in the problem faced by almost every Armenian medium: the necessity to comply the legal status of the media enterprise with the requirements of the new Civil Code of the country and to re-register at the Ministry of Justice. As Ara Galoyan, the Editor-in-Chief of “Zhamanak”, told Yerevan Press Club, the founders of the edition failed to submit the appropriate documents to State Register before January 1, 2001, the deadline specified by the law, which would have made it possible to apply to the Ministry of Justice. Now a close or open joint-stock company must be created to re-found “Zhamanak”.

However, according to Mr. Galoyan, during this induced idleness another problem, this time of a technical character, should be solved: the editorial office intends to move to another building, nearer to the publishing infrastructure.

The Editor-in-Chief expects that the renewal of the publication will occur approximately in mid-February.