YPC Weekly Newsletter



On March 29 the presentation of the Internet magazine “Bnagir”, the first electronic literature edition in Armenian language, took place in Yerevan. “Bnagir” is produced by the personal funds of its two Co-Editors – the poet Violetta Grigorian and writer Vahram Martirosian. As Vahram Martirosian told Yerevan Press Club, “our aim is to make the works of the modern Armenian writers accessible for the mass reader”. “The slogan in the title of the magazine “For the Reader” speaks for itself: the reader will find works, written in a simple clear language about the present day, everything in the magazine will be close and easily recognizable for the reader”, Martirosian stressed. For those who have no access to the Internet, it is planned to issue a print version of “Bnagir”, with circulation of 99 copies and periodicity once in three months. (The magazine itself can be seen at www.bnagir.am)