YPC Weekly Newsletter



  On July 18 Yerevan Press Club became six years old. Founded in the post-Soviet period, YPC found its niche in the society in transition, aspiring to support and to develop independent and professional media and seeking to help strengthen democratic institutions in Armenia.

Six years are not a long period of time to achieve such a serious goal. Yet, step by step, YPC puts into realization the tasks assumed concerning the protection of freedom of speech, improvement of media-related legislation, development of contacts between the Armenian and foreign media, the establishment of professional ethic norms, training and re-training of journalists.

The numerous research, training, publishing projects that have been realized during this period, the seminars and conferences organized, also on the regional and international level, as well as initiatives directed at the creation of a package of legal documents on regulating the information sphere greatly contributed to the reputation of YPC.

This is proved by the willingness of many local and foreign journalistic associations, influential international organizations to cooperate with Yerevan Press Club. In May 1998 YPC among 50 organizations and individuals from 28 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe and NIS was awarded the United States of America/European Union Democracy and Civil Society Award for "commitment to the promotion of the essential principles underlying democracy and civil society".