YPC Weekly Newsletter



On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day Stepanakert Press Club issued an address, saying, in particular, that:

"The situation of “neither war nor peace” that has lasted for several years already in the newly independent Artsakh creates additional obstacles for media, too. Sometimes the private and group interests are presented as state benefit.

The authorities of our country have declared their commitment to the democracy. For this a priority task – ensuring the independence of communication activity from political and economic interests – must be fulfilled. (…)

For the second time already Stepanakert Press Club puts forth an initiative aimed at regulating the information sphere of the republic. Yet, as we firmly believe, this can only be effective when the authorities are open for such initiatives and do everything to ensure the freedom of speech, the development of the fourth estate in the country. In this regard, we call upon them, in particular, to promptly pass the law ‘On Television and Radio’.”