YPC Weekly Newsletter



On February 24 at the session of RA Government the decision to establish “Spiritual and Cultural Public TV Company” CJSC with a nominal capital of 100,000 AMD was rendered. The management of the state-owned shares of the company is entrusted to the Council of Public Television and Radio Company. As the RA Government press release notes, “now the channel will have the opportunity to carry out a particular program policy, to determine independently the program profiles, thus satisfying the spiritual and cultural demands of all layers of society”.

As it has been reported, since January 21 “Shoghakat”, the TV channel of Holy See Etchmiadzin, had started broadcasting on the frequency of “Ararat”, TV channel of the Public TV and Radio Company. (“Shoghakat” had not applied to the digital broadcast licensing competitions, as they did not provide for spiritual and cultural profiles’ licensing.) As the Head of “Shoghakat” Manya Ghazarian explained, the broadcast on the frequency of “Ararat” is implemented within a one-month contract, concluded by “Shoghakat” and Public TV and Radio Company (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, January 21-27, 2011).

The Government’s decision on creating “Spiritual and Cultural Public TV Company” CJSC is likely to become a legal basis for “Shoghakat” to broadcast on a public frequency.