YPC Weekly Newsletter



On March 14 at “Congress” hotel in Yerevan the press conference of the Board of Trustees of “People’s TV” Foundation was held. At the meeting the further plans of the Board were presented, and the following statement was delivered:

“The Board of Trustees reaffirms its readiness to continue along the path of creating a “People’s TV”, encourages and seeks for supporters of a TV air that corresponds to the social demand.

The Board states with regret that the wish of thousands of citizens to support the return on air of “A1+”, thus to obtain a TV channel, consonant to the social demand, did not come true. As a result of the December 2010 competitions, not only the quality of TV air did improve, but the existing problems aggravated even more. We consider it necessary to note the disastrous situation of the language of Armenian air, the untalented and poor imitation of foreign programs, the vagueness of information, lack of professionalism and sincere self-concepts.

Being the followers of the concept of national identity and preservation of civilized values
on the path of becoming a democratic state, we attach particular importance to the role of independent and free media. In the current state the Board of Trustees and “A1+” strive to fill in the lacks of the information field, ensure pluralism, responsive and unbiased information via alternative means, including satellite and Internet broadcast.

Soon, we intend to present the concept on the content of “People’s TV”, as well as the technical solutions for broadcasting, counting on the active participation of experts and the society in whole.

The Board stresses that for realizing this project the material, moral and intellectual assistance of co-citizens is needed. We call to adhere to the ongoing fundraising, initiated by the “People’s TV” (see details on www.a1plus.am). We would appreciate your suggestions regarding the program policy and other questions regarding the TV broadcast.

The Board of Trustees of “People’s TV” Foundation, created to support “A1+”, promises to do its best in order to fully satisfy the expectations of the society.”

As it has been reported, right after its establishment (in mid-October 2010) “People’s TV” Foundation started a fundraising for supporting “A1+” TV company. With this initiative “People’s TV” seeks to determine the potential audience of “A1+”, and consecutively – the social demand on resuming its broadcast (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, October 29 – November 4, 2010). “A1+” had taken part in the digital broadcast licensing competitions and in December 2010 it was denied a license for the thirteenth time, as result of voting by the National Commission on Television and Radio.