YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 8, RA Police communicated about incidents with journalists, who were covering the May 5, 2013 voting day for the Yerevan Council of Elders. The Police also informed that some of the alarms on the incidents had not been confirmed. At the same time, the police reports list seven cases of impeding professional activities of journalists.

With reference to www.1in.am, the Police reported that from the early morning people were being conveyed to the 4/02 electoral station of Arabkir district by public mini buses number 71 and 40. As the residents of this district told “Aravot”, at all the elections they were conveyed to the polling station by the Republican Party of Armenia. The RPA representative and chairman of the precinct electoral commission refused to talk with the journalists and screamed at them. L.A., the proxy of “Barev, Yerevan” party bloc, informed that the commission  chairman impeded the work of journalists. Police is conducting operative investigation to reveal the facts of the incident  (see “Aravot”, “RPA Is Bringing to and Taking Voters from Polling Station by Mini Buses Number 71 and 40”Ed. Note).

With reference to iDitord, the Police informed that at the 6/23 electoral station of Ajapnyak district the reporter of “Aravot” was prohibited to film. Police is carrying out investigation (see iDitord, as well as “Aravot”, “They Were Caught with Lists, Which They Claim to Be Poem”Ed. Note).

With reference to www.1in.am, the Police communicated that at the 7/05 polling station of Malatia-Sebastia district a media representative was impeded to follow the voting process. The explanations provided by observer Sh.A. and A.M., cameraman of “Kentron” TV, were used for the case materials. Police is conducting examination on the case (see iDitordEd. Note).

With reference to iLur.am, Police informed that at the same 7/05 station a representative of “Kentron” TV was barred from entry to the polling station without an accreditation at the Central Electoral Commission. Police is taking measures to implead the representative of “Kentron” in investigation on the case (see iLur.am, “Summary of Congress: Violations Are Recorded As of 19.00”Ed. Note).

With reference to "Hetq", the Police informed that at the 7/14 polling station of Malatia-Sebastia district people from the house of seniors were conveyed by microbuses. When the reporter and cameraman of "Hetq" came up to the people, gathered at the precinct, S.Z., the chairman of the electoral commission, pushed out the reporter from the station, since he did not have a journalistic ID. Police is investigating the circumstances of the case (see "Hetq", “They Pushed the Reporter”Ed. Note).

With reference to Counterpart International, the Police informed that the organization had received an alarm on its hotline that at the 7/34 electoral precinct of Malatia-Sebastia district a reporter of “168 Hours” newspaper was banned to enter the station during the vote-counting. A police investigation is ongoing (see iDitordEd. Note).

With reference to iDitord, the Police reported that at the 8/08 electoral precinct of Malatia-Sebastia district Gevorg Manukian, running for a seat in the Yerevan Council of Elders from Republican Party of Armenia, had a proxy ID and obstructed the work of journalists and observers. Police is conducting examination of the incident (see iDitord, as well as newsfeed of “Asparez”Ed. Note).