YPC Weekly Newsletter



October 22, 2013. The news that Zhenia passed away shocked the journalistic community in Armenia. Neither Armenian nor German doctors were able to cure the grave illness. She lived only 52 years. It is unbelievably hard to write about her, using past tense-forms…

Genofia Martirosian was a famous journalist and an excellent person. Friends and colleagues would just call her Zhenia. She was famous not only for her high professionalism, incorruptibility and principle stand, but also for her unbound kindness and love for the people, for her constant willingness to stretch out a helping hand to all who needed her. This is how she lived all her life. Yet, we did not have enough time to help her. 
Zhenia did not have time to fight against this illness either. This bright, kind and responsive person had only a few days left. No one believed that only so little time was spared for her to live.

Genofia Martirosian’s journalistic activity commenced with the “Komsomolets” newspaper and continued for about 3 decades. Since 1984 she worked for different print media; she was a columnist at the “Aravot” daily for years (the readers still remember her vivid and extraordinary editorials on the front-page). She was Deputy Chief Editor of the “Respublika Armenia” newspaper and Chief Editor of the “Afisha” magazine. Since 2010 and until recently she acted as Chief Editor of the “Sobesednik Armenii” weekly, which became widely popular specifically due to her talent.

Many of us have been lucky to have worked with her. The pages of our biographies, marked by Zhenia’s presence, may be rightly called the happiest and most satiated days of our lives. We were young… Zhenia will eternally remain young and beautiful…

Yerevan Press Club expresses its deepest condolences to Zhenia Martirosian’s family, friends, and colleagues