Yerevan Press Club,

Realizing that the freedom of press is one of the main guarantees for the freedom of speech,

Considering that media must be able to freely receive and disseminate information, viewpoints and comments thus enabling the navigation of the society in the diversity of opinion,

Stating that while it is impossible to define one set of rules applicable for all specific cases, it is feasible and imperative to adhere to the principles prompted by the experience of many years,

adopts this Code.


Yerevan Press Club member must:

  • Contribute to the establishment of freedom of speech, information and press by his/her activities;
  • Oppose the violation of the rights of his/her colleagues or media;
  • Refrain from actions that can be viewed as a restriction of the freedom of speech or an attempt of censorship.


For a Yerevan Press Club member the following are unacceptable:

  • Libel, defamation, insult;
  • Deliberate distortion or concealment of facts;
  • Plagiarism, copyright infringement;
  • Acceptance of any kind of remuneration from parties concerned for the publication or non-publication of a piece.



The Right of the Society to Receive Truthful Information

The impartial coverage of facts and events must be the main purpose.

The authenticity of the pieces to be published must be previously verified.

Intentionally untrue information is not to be published.

Integrity and Responsibility

To be impartial and brave when collecting, narrating and commenting on information.

To make a clear distinction of facts and comments in the publications.

To proceed only from valid facts when making comments.

To respect and protect the right to differing opinions, views.

Information Source

To disclose one’s profession and media affiliation when gathering information to be published.

Not to abuse the trust of people, inexperienced in talking to journalists, and inform them far in advance of the possible consequences the publication of the information obtained may have.

To strictly follow the promises given to the information source.

To refrain from the use of confidential information sources as long as possible.

Yet, to maintain the confidentiality of the source whatever the circumstances are, if the information is provided under the condition of non-identification of the source.

Conflict of Interests

To realize that the active involvement in politics or the affiliation with a political organization cast doubt on the reputation of the independent journalist.

To refuse from privileges, monetary remuneration, gifts that are incongruent with professional independence and lead to the loss of trust.

Not to use the information and connections begotten for personal and narrow group interests.


To realize that the collection and publication of information of private nature may harm and pain people.

To respect and observe the right to privacy.

The interference with the privacy of officials, public figures, individuals striving for power and public attention may only be justified by a pressing social need. If the freedom of speech is incongruent with other fundamental human rights, the Press Club member decides on his/her own to what the preference should be given and is responsible for the decision made.

Common Human Values

Not to promote war, national, religious hatred and intolerance, political, social, gender, language discrimination, violence, pornography.

The members of Yerevan Press Club are accountable for their actions to each other, the YPC Commission on Professional Ethics and Board.

The current version was adopted at the General Meeting of Yerevan Press Club on April 30, 2002