YPC Weekly Newsletter



On October 13 the National Commission on Television and Radio announced the results of broadcast licensing competition, announced on September 1, 2003 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, September 1-4, 2003). The bids for the three frequencies at these competitions were considered by the National Commission on October 9. The 3rd VHF of Yerevan was claimed by “A1+” TV company and its current “occupant” “AR”. The 63rd UHF in Yerevan was applied for by the same “A1+”, “Noyan Tapan” and “Cinemax” that currently mostly re-broadcasts “Euronews” programs on this frequency. The only bidder for the vacant 37th UHF of Alaverdi city (Lori region) was “Ankyun+3” TV company.

By the voting results of October 13, the bid of “AR” scored 36 units, that of “A1+” – 26. In another competition “A1+” was graded one unit more – 27, “Noyan Tapan” scored 20 units, while “Cinemax” got 33. The right to broadcast on the Alaverdi frequency was granted to “Ankyun+3”.

It should be noted that during the past a year and a half “A1+” had four failed attempts to gain a license in a competition, “Noyan Tapan” had three.

Afterword by YPC: The numerous proofs that “A1+” became a victim of the political game, that the professional potential of this TV companies is much greater than that of its rivals, passing ahead of it in the previous competitions (this was repeatedly noted in the statements and comments of Yerevan Press Club) hardly need anything to add. There is another question of greater concern: what will be the feelings of those members of the National Commission on Television and Radio who graded “A1+” low again when they have to look into the eyes of their journalist colleagues? Everything is clear to everyone… Is it possible that the good reputation has finally ceased to be a value in our society?