YPC Weekly Newsletter



On September 21 Claude-Jean Bertrand, Professor Emeritus of University Paris-2,
passed away in Paris. Claude-Jean Bertrand devoted his professional life to
studying the media ethics, media accountability systems and their deontology.
Having authored numerous works, he contributed greatly to the introduction of
norms of professional conduct in different countries of the world, including
Armenia. In 2000 in “Journalist Library” series of Yerevan Press Club the Armenian
translation of Claude-Jean Bertrand’s book was published – titled “Saving Press
Freedom the Safe Way. Media Ethics and Accountability Systems”. Claude-Jean
Bertrand made numerous visits to Armenia to share his vast experience with Armenian
colleagues. He was not only our many-year partner, but also a good friend.

Yerevan Press Club expresses its sincere condolences to the wife, the children,
the grandchildren, all the friends of Claude-Jean Bertrand.