YPC Weekly Newsletter



 On July 16 online daily “GazetaSNG.Ru” publicized the results of its first specialized research of the CIS media field. The survey was conducted by the information and analysis portal of “GazetaSNG.Ru” and the Fund for Study of Newly Independent States, and was aimed at determining the leaders, or, as the online daily tells, “the most influential players on the information field of the Commonwealth”.

3,654 respondents were surveyed in 12 CIS countries, 67 of them being experts on media development issues in the post-Soviet region. 

According to the survey, the leading positions are taken by television personalities. The print media, as the experts noted, rapidly loses its influence in the majority of CIS countries. Simultaneously, consulting and PR structures are gaining power.

Remarkably, the survey also revealed the “behind-the-stage players” – the representatives of the authorities or major business, influencing the media. Among them the CIS experts noted the increasing influence of Eurasian Media Group and its leader Vartan Toganian.

As to those included into the rating of 20 CIS media leaders, most of them represent Russia (14), Kazakhstan and Ukraine are represented by 2 each, Belarus and Armenia – by 1 each.

Our colleague Tigran Naghdalian, the Chairman of the Council of Public Television and Radio of Armenia was rated 11th in the list of media leaders.

YPC reference: Tigran Naghdalian was born in 1966. He started his professional career in 1991 as an observer of “Hailur” TV news service. In 1992 Mr. Naghdalian represented the American “Horizon” TV Company in Armenia. From the late 1992 till 1994 he was in charge of “Hailur” news agency, in 1994-1997 – of “Fact” news agency. In 1995-97 Mr. Naghdalian was a correspondent of Armenian Service of Radio “Liberty”. In 1997-98 Mr. Naghdalian served as Chief Editor of “Kaim” TV company, from 1998 to 2001 – the Executive Director of the National Television of Armenia. Since January 2001 he is the Chairman of the Council of Public Television and Radio.