YPC Weekly Newsletter



As it has already been reported, at the court of primary jurisdiction of Center and Nork-Marash communities of Yerevan City the suit of journalist Shushanik Abrahamian-Hairapetian versus “Armenpress” news agency started. The demand of the plaintiff is that she should be restored in the job previously occupied and the salary compensation be made for the unintended idleness. The essence of the dispute is in the fact that , as Shushanik Abrahamian-Hairapetian thinks, her notice of dismissal, based on the labor contract expiry, was illegal: date June 29, 2001, and given to her only on July 12. Till that time she still performed her responsibilities (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, September 22-28, 2001).

On the second session held on October 1 the plaintiff, to prove the illegitimacy of her dismissal, referred to the appeals she addressed in early July to the Journalists Union of Armenia and RA Department of Information and Publications at the RA Government. Abrahamian-Hairapetian, in particular, informed these bodies that the Executive Director of “Armenpress" is not prolonging the contract and at the same time does not give her a dismissal notice. The judge in charge of the case, Edik Avetisian, asked the plaintiff to submit an official verification of her appeals to the Journalists Union and Department of Information and Publications. The next session is to take place on October 9.