Expert Conclusions of Information Disputes Council 2016

Opinion of November 1, 2016 on the investigation of the case on police violence against journalists during the dispersal of the June 23, 2015 protest action on Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan (2016թ. նոյեմբերի 1-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of October 24, 2016 on the court case of Artur Karapetyan against “Armenia” TV company, contesting the May 17, 2015 program of “Sur Ankyun” cycle (2016թ. հոկտեմբերի 24-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of October 18, 2016 on the placement in the Internet of a program of “Ajar Windows” talk show cycle (ATV channel), which contained images of pornographic nature (2016թ. հոկտեմբերի 18-ի կարծիքը).

MEO and IDC Joint Opinion of September 28, 2016 on the piece “The man that committed self-immolation on Baghramyan Avenue was HIV-positive: what danger can threaten the people that helped him? The doctor’s opinion” (2016թ. սեպտեմբերի 28-ի համատեղ կարծիքը).

Opinion of September 13, 2016 on the theft of the pieces of the political cartoons exhibition entitled “Not Banned”, held by on August 7, 2016 in Mashtots Park in Yerevan (2016թ. սեպտեմբերի 13-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of September 7, 2016 on the police violence against media representatives in the early morning of July 30, 2016 in Sari Tagh district of Yerevan (2016թ. սեպտեմբերի 7-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of June 30, 2016 on the court case of Siranuysh Papyan, correspondent of, against RA Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan (2016թ. հունիսի 30-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of April 8, 2016 on the court case of Bavakan Khachatryan versus Sargis Hatspanyan, “Aravot” daily, news agency and “Noyan Tapan” news center (2016թ. ապրիլի 8-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of February 2, 2016 on the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of “Magyar Tartalomszolgáltatók Egyesülete and Zrt v. Hungary” (2016թ. փետրվարի 2-ի կարծիքը).