Expert Conclusions of Information Disputes Council 2015

Opinion of December 22, 2015 on the court case of “Trchogh Aragast” LLC versus “A1+” TV company’s  founder, “Meltex” LLC (2015թ. դեկտեմբերի 22-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of December 7, 2015 regarding the practice of inviting the journalist to the police as a witness on the criminal case instituted under Article 333 of the RA Criminal Code (2015թ. դեկտեմբերի 7-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of November 19, 2015 on the proceeding case of Vahram Petrosyan versus (2015թ. նոյեմբերի 19-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of November 1, 2015 on the judgment of the Grand Chamber of European Court of Human Rights in the case of Perinçek v. Switzerland (2015թ. նոյեմբերի 1-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of October 1, 2015 on the proceeding case of journalist Arman Suleymanian versus judges of the RA Civil Court of Appeals (2015թ. հոկտեմբերի 1-ի կարծիքը).

Opinion of August 30, 2015 on a proceeding case, on which the RA Civil Court of Appeals interpreted about the concept of “public statement” stipulated by Article 1087.1 of RA Civil Code, “Order and Conditions of Compensation of Damage to the Honor, Dignity or Business Reputation”.

Opinion of July 30, 2015 on the defamation lawsuit filed by RA Police and its representatives versus Vilen Gayfejyan, host of the comedy video series SOS-YouTube.

Opinion of June 30, 2015 on the lawsuit filed by Ruzanna Khachatrian, wife of the RA Defence Minister Seyran Oghanian, versus “Hraparak” daily.

Opinion of May 30, 2015 on the precedent-setting court ruling obliging the media to disclose their source of information.

Opinion of May 7, 2015 on the lawsuit filed by humanitarian NGO “Nor Serund” (“New Generation”) versus Hayk Babukhanian, Chairman of the Editorial Board of “Iravunk” newspaper, and Ilona Azarian, “Iravunk” correspondent.

Opinion of January 20, 2015 on the litigation between the Freedom of Information Center and “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” state agency (2015թ. հունվարի 20-ի կարծիքը).