Founder and Chairman of “Asparez” Journalists’ Club
Chief Editor of “Gyumri-Asparez” Daily

Date and Place of Birth: January 18, 1967, Leninakan (Gyumri), Armenia


1984-1991 Yerevan State University; Department of Geology; geophysicist

1984-1992 Yerevan State University; Department of Social Professions; press photographer


2000-present founder and chairman of “Asparez” Journalists’ Club

2011-present chief editor of “Gyumri-Asparez” daily

2004-present chief editor of

2001-2004 chief editor of “Gyumri-Asparez” monthly

2001-2002 director of “6-month Monitoring” project Y01-5034 Eurasia Foundation

1998-2002 executive director of “Shant” FM-104.1 radio station

1995-2000 chief editor of “Shant” newspaper

1995-1997 journalist, program presenter, chief editor, executive director of “ТМ” FM-105 radio station

1994-2000 journalist, cameraman, director of news service (1995-1996), acting director (1996), production director (1997-2000), program presenter (1996-2000) of “Shant” TV company

1992-1994 journalist, cameraman, chief editor, acting director, program presenter of “Tsayg” TV company

1991-1992 geography teacher of Haykadzor village school

Membership in Journalistic Associations and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 2000 Chairman of “Asparez” Journalists’ Club Board


1987 “For Baykal-Amur Route Construction” medal from the Presidium of the RSFSR Supreme Council

1998 special prize winner of the First TV Forum of the CIS countries for “Death Valley” mystical documentary film, Moscow

1999 second prize winner of “Fair Elections” TV public service announcement competition held by Internews Armenia

2008 The Time for Freedom of Press Award – for the consistent protection of media freedom

Publications: “Pioner Kanch”, ”Hayk“, ”Munetik”, ”Kumayri“, ”Vasn Ardarutyan“ newspapers and magazines; ”ТМ“, ”Shant” radio stations; ”Tsayg“, ”Shant“ TV companies

Hobbies: books, risk, cards, joinery and timbering, traveling, The Beatles, magical realism

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English

Marital Status: married, has a son

Contact information:

96, Pushkin str, Gyumri, Armenia

Tel. (374 312) 5 06 22

E-mail: [email protected]