GALAJYAN Hovhannes

Chief Editor of “Iravunk” Newspaper

Date and Place of Birth: December 2, 1963, Yerevan, Armenia


1986-1991 Yerevan Polytechnic Institute; Department of Computer Engineering; electronics engineer


2000-present chief editor of “Iravunk” newspaper

1989-present founder and editor of “Iravunk” newspaper

1995-2000 head of the department of “Iravunk” newspaper

1992-1993 head of the political department of “Hanrapetakan” newspaper

1988-1989 free-lance journalist

Membership in Parties and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 1988 member of “Constitutional Law” Union

Membership in Elective State Administration Bodies:

1999 parliamentary elections (party list)


2000 Winston Foundation, “For the Best Journalistic Investigation”

2002 “Vahagn” Award, “For the Best Journalistic Investigation”

Publications: “Ankakhutyun”, “Yerkir”, “Executive Intelligence Revue” (USA – Germany)

Hobbies: building something with his own hands

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English

Marital Status: single

Contact Information:

50а, Koghbatsi str., Yerevan, Armenia

Tel (374 10) 53 27 30, 53 90 11

Fax (374 10) 53 41 92

Е-mail: [email protected]