General Producer of Autoradio FM 89.8

Date and Place of Birth: February 1,1974, Yerevan, Armenia


1990-1996 Yerevan State Medical Institute; Stomatology Department

1997-2003 different trainings in journalism (Internews Armenia, Hit FM, “Nostalgie Radio, Yerevan, Moscow, Sochi)


2005-present general producer of Autoradio FM 89.8 and Yerevan FM 102.0

1997-2005 co-founder and executive director of “Tospa” radio company

Membership in Journalistic Associations and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 1998 counsellor of the Television and Radio Development Foundation

Publications: Public Television of Armenia, “Tospa”

Hobbies: books, music, radio and job

Languages: Armenian, Russian

Marital Status: married, a son

Contact Information:

Tel. (374 10) 57 88 89, 55 10 12

E-mail: [email protected]

Web site: www.autoradio.am