November 1, 1941 – September 30, 2021

Place of Birth: Satkha, Bogdanov district, Georgia


1960-1965 Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute of Russian and Foreign Languages after Brusov; Philology Department; philologist


1999-September 30, 2021 director of “Impulse-Mayak” radio company

1997 correspondent of “Mayak Radio Station” state radio company

1996 correspondent of ORT

1992 correspondent of “Ostankino” State TV and Radio of Russia

1987 correspondent of State TV and Radio of USSR in Armenia

1985 chief editor of Armenian Advertising Agency

1967 State TV and Radio of Armenia

1966 “Promyshlennost Armenii” journal

Membership in Journalistic Associations and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 1971 Journalists Union of Armenia


1982 “For valorous work” medal

Award of Journalists Union of Armenia

1981 Grand-Prix of USSR TV film festival

Publications: ”Promyshlennost Armenii”, ”Kommersant”, ”Respublika Armenia”, ”Golos Armenii”, ”Urartu”, ”Hayatsk Yerevanits”, programs on Central TV (USSR) and TV of Armenia

Hobbies: tourism, auto tourism, sports (volleyball)

Languages: Armenian, Russian

Marital Status: married with three children