Head of Expertise and Counseling Group under the Office of the RA President

Date and Place of Birth: June 18, 1961, Yerevan, Armenia


1978-1983 Yerevan State University; Philology Department; section of Romance and Germanic Languages; philologist, teacher; translator

1986 Press Retraining Institute of USSR State Publication Committee, Moskow

1993 International training course of Centre de Formation et Perfectionnement des Journalistes, CFPJ, Paris


2018-present head of expertise and counseling group under the office of the RA presindent

1992-2018 correspondent of ITAR-TASS news agency in Armenia

1993 intern of the regional department of ITAR-TASS news agency in France (Paris)

1991-1992 head of TASS correspondent center in Armenia

1990-1991 instructor of the media sector of the ideological department of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Armenia (CC CPA)

1989-1990 correspondent of “Armenpress” attached to CC CPA, head of the press office of the general department of CC CPA (a volunteer)

1988-1990 correspondent of the Chief Editorial Board for Republican Information of “Armenpress” news agency

1988 senior editor of the united editorial board of the European countries of the Chief Editorial Board for Foreign Information (CEBFI) of TASS

1987-1988 correspondent of the Chief Editorial Board for Republican Information of “Armenpress” news agency

1987 intern of TASS department in France (Paris)

1986-1987 editor of the United Editorial Board of European countries of CEBFI TASS (Moscow)

1985-1986 correspondent of the Chief Editorial Board for Republican Information of “Armenpress” state news agency

1983-1985 correspondent of “Armenpress” Chief Editorial Board for Information for Abroad

Membership in journalistic associations and their governing bodies:

1996-1997 board of “Armenpress”

Since 1984 Journalists Union of Armenia

Membership in Parties and Their Governing Bodies:

1986-1991 member of USSR Communist Party


2004 Marshal Baghramian Medal of the Armed Forces of Armenia

2001 Movses Khorenatsi medal of Republic of Armenia

2000 medal “For Strengthening the Military Commonwealth” of the Federal Frontier Service of Russia

1998 Annual Award of Yerevan Press Club “For Respect to Facts and Being Well-Informed”

Publications: ITAR-TASS, Armenian and Russian newspapers, French media

Hobbies: work, collecting medals, biographies, reading, music

2003-2006 chairman of Philatelists Union of Armenia

Languages: Armenian, Russian, French

Marital Status: single

Contact Information:

Tel. (374 10) 71 01 08 (office)

Е-mail: [email protected]