Correspondent of “Ayb-Feh” News Agency of “A1+” TV Company

Date and Place of Birth: June 22, 1975, Yerevan, Armenia


1992-1996 Yerevan Kh. Abovian Pedagogical Institute; Department of Journalism; journalist

1996-2001 Yerevan Kh. Abovian Pedagogical Institute; Department of Culture; movie director


2002-present correspondent of “Ayb-Feh” newspaper

1999-present correspondent of “Ayb-Feh” news agency of “A1+” TV, author and presenter of “Ayb-Feh. Culture”, “Ayb-Feh. Pharmacy” TV programs of “A1+” TV

1994-1997 corrector, correspondent of “Hayastani Hanrapetutiun” newspaper

1996 author and presenter of “Photoexpo” program on State Television of Armenia

1994 correspondent of “Avangard” newspaper

1993 free-lance correspondent of youth programs of the National Radio of Armenia


1999 honorary member of “Yerkir Nairi” Armenian doctors’ charitable society

2003 award and diploma for “Professional Courage and Efficiency” from Internews

Publications: “A1+” TV Company, Internews, State Television of Armenia, National Radio of Armenia, “Avangard”, “Hayastani Hanrapetutiun”, “Ayb-Feh”, “Hayk”, “Aravot”, “Azatamart”, “02” newspapers

2000 “Two Heroes of One Destiny” film

Hobbies: journalism

Languages: Armenian, Russian

Marital Status: single

Contact Information:

Tel. (374 10) 58 54 27 (office), 27 56 30 (home)

E-mail: [email protected],

[email protected]