June 30, 1974 – October 27, 2022

Place of Birth: Yerevan, Armenia


1991-1996 Yerevan State University; Faculty of Philology; Department of Journalism; philologist-journalist


1999-2022 journalist-commenter, broadcaster at Second Armenian TV Channel/”Prometheus” TV company

2000-2008 chief specialist of RA National Assembly Department of Public Relations

1998-1999 director of “Lurer” news program of “Nork” TV, editor of ART-13 TV channel

1995-1997 commenter of “Lraber” news program of State Television of Armenia

1992-1994 correspondent, author and presenter of “Transparent Doors”, “How Do You Do?”, “Press Club” programs of “A1” TV Company

1991-1992 presenter of “Mayrakaghak” program of the department of youth programs on State Television of Armenia

Membership in Journalistic Associations and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 2004 International TV and Radio Academy

Publications: Second Armenian TV Channel, State Television of Armenia, “A1” TV Company

1998-2000 author of the video series “Historical Temples and Monuments of Armenia and Artsakh”

1996 author of “India” film (India)

1999 author of “Islamic Republic of Iran” film (Iran)

1999 author of “Our Neighbors” film (Georgia)

2001-2002 author of films “Iraq”, “The Mysteries of Babylon” (Iraq)

2001 author of “Russia – Centennial Friendship” film (Russia)

2002 author of “Istanbul” film (Turkey)

2003 “The Lights of A City” film (Italy)

2005 “East” film (Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahraim)

1995 participant of international festival of young professionals, the author’s film “Sentenced to Live” at Gala show (Port de Bouk, France)

Hobbies: traveling, books, music

Languages: Armenian, Russian, French

Marital Status: married