President of “Ardzagank” Company

Date and Place of Birth: January 1, 1955, Yerevan, Armenia


1972-1981 Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, system engineer

1979-1983 Moscow University of Fine Arts; Composition Department; major – harmony


1995-present president of “Ardzagank” company

1995 founder of “Ardzagank” Radio

1988 founder of “Ardzagank” studio


Grand Prix in musical competitions:

2000 “Krunk”

1994 “Asup-94”

1985 “Tovarish Pesnya”

1984 “Zolotoy Kamerton”

Publications: Radio “Ardzagank” FM 103.5, Public Television of Armenia, “Prometheus” TV company

2002 “Erzats” book

1994 “Hayatsk Indz Vra” (“Glance at Me”) book

1975 “Chinar” book, etc.

Hobbies: music, composition, producing

Languages: Armenian, Russian, fair knowledge of French

Marital Status: married with two children

Contact Information:

K. Demirchyan Center, Yerevan, Armenia, 375028

Tel. (374 10) 39 81 25 (office)

Fax (374 10) 39 99 11

Е-mail: [email protected]