Chief Editor of “168 Zham” Newspaper

Date and Place of Birth: February 20, 1974, Yerevan, Armenia


1991-1996 Yerevan State University; Faculty of Philology


2004-present chief editor of “168 Zham” newspaper

2003-2004 head of the Department of Information and Public Relations of “ArsOil”

2002 (December) correspondent of “Patker” photo agency

2001-2003 correspondent of “Aravot” daily

2001-2002 head of the Department of Information and Public Relations of “Renko” Italian company

2000 correspondent of “Liberty” radio station

1997-2004 correspondent of “Mshakutayin Aravot”, “Petrvar” newspapers; “Garun”and “In Vitro” magazines, newspapers and magazines of the Diaspora “Azdak”, “Asparez” (USA), “S” (Moscow)

1997-2001 correspondent, head of the department of culture and social problems of “Aravot” daily

1997 (March-August) head of the department of culture of “Haikakan Zhamanak” daily

1997 correspondent of “Molorak” newspaper

1994-1998 correspondent of “Shrjan” newspaper

1989-1991 member of “Shavigh” editorial board and correspondent of “Pioner Kanch” newspaper

Membership in Journalistic Associations and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 2004 founder and chairman of Independent Media Support Foundation


2002 award of USA Embassy in RA for “The best series of articles against corruption”in “Aravot” daily

2002 Annual Award of Yerevan Press Club for the publication of a series of articles about the mansions of officials and provision of factual material for government anticorruption program in “Aravot” daily

2000 encouragement prize at the contest of religious films and programs by “Shoghakat” studio for the film “Thirsty Man”

1999 “Armen” award of “AR” TV Company for the “Best journalist of the year”

Publications: “Aravot”, “Mshakutayin Aravot”, “Petrvar”; “Garun” and “In Vitro” magazines, “Haikakan Zhamanak”, “Molorak”, “Liberty” radio station (author of more than 10 scripts for the programs of “Pan-Armenian Fund”); newspapers and magazines of the Diaspora “Azdak”, “Asparez” (USA), “S” (Moscow)

1999 film “About the Problems of Women in Armenia” (in association with “Yerevan” State Film Studio of Documentaries within USAID social programs)

Hobbies: traveling, drawing, music

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English

Marital Status: married, has a son

Contact Information:

Tel. (374 10) 58 48 31, 52 29 58

E-mail: [email protected],

[email protected]