Founder of Hai FM 105.5 and Radio “HAY 104.1”

Date and Place of Birth: March 8, 1959, Yerevan, Armenia

Education/Major: American University of Armenia; Business Administration


2000-2004 director of Hai FM 105.5 radio company and Radio “HAY 104.1”

1998-1999 deputy head of Department of Information and Publications at the RA Government

1994 founder of Hai FM 105.5 and Radio “HAY 104.1”

Publications: Hai FM 105.5, Radio “HAY 104.1”

Hobbies: architecture, history

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English

Marital Status: married

Contact Information:

6th floor, 1/3, Byuzand str., Yerevan

Tel./Fax (374 10) 52 98 68

E-mail: [email protected]