Editor of Social Policy, Public Health, Education and Correspondence Department of “Novoye Vremya” Newspaper

Date and Place of Birth: August 2,1943, Tbilisi, Georgia


1960-1965 Tbilisi Sate University; philologist


1992-present editor of social policy, public health, education and correspondence department of “Novoye Vremya” newspaper

2001-present chairman of “Let’s Help Each Other” public organization

1968-1992 department head of “Golos Armenii” (“Communist”) newspaper

Membership in Journalistic Associations and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 1971 Journalists Union of Armenia (USSR)


1973 award of Journalists Union of Armenia

1975 medal “For Labor Distinction”

2000 First prize of Women’s Council of Armenia

2001 First Prize of IREX/ProMedia for the best article of the year in the field of public health

Publications: “Golos Armenii”, “Novoye Vremya”, “Urartu”, “Izvestiya”, “Nedelya”, ‘Selskaya Zhisn”, “Efir”, “Ogonek” magazine, “Yerevan” TV channel

2002 “Journalistic Investigation” collection (IREX/ProMedia)

Hobbies: reading, computer games

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English, Georgian

Marital Status: divorced, a son

Contact Information:

33a, 3 Nork district, Yerevan, Armenia

Tel. (374 10) 56 55 80, 52 69 46 (office), 64 34 02 (home)