Judgments/Decisions 2007

MEO Decision of December 17, 2007 on the complaint of Knarik Mehrabian versus “Aravot” daily

Background of the Issue: Knarik Mehrabian addressed MEO with a complaint versus the piece “One Should Not Ask for Money From the Deceased”, published by “Aravot” daily on October 11, 2007.

By listening to the explanations of the Aram Abrahamian, Chief Editor of “Aravot”, and Ruzan Minasian, author of the article and correspondent of the daily, MEO resolved to refrain from rendering a judgment. At the same time, a letter, analyzing the conformity of the piece with the Code of Conduct of Media Representatives, was sent to “Aravot” Chief Editor.

MEO also emphasized that its decision is stipulated by the fact that the complaint contained insults to the article author, as well as by the incident that occurred at the editorial office on the day of the issue of the piece, on October 11.

MEO Decision of November 7, 2007 on the complaint of ethnographer Hranush Kharatian versus a number of newspapers, including “Aravot” daily

MEO stressed that is entitled to consider only the claims versus “Aravot”, as the other media mentioned in the complaint are not members of the media self-regulation initiative.

Referring to “Aravot”, MEO resolved to terminate the consideration of the complaint, as the pieces, that had became subject for the complaint, were published before the daily had signed the Code of Conduct of Media Representatives.

MEO Expert Judgment of September 12, 2007 on the complaint of “Cooperation for Democracy” Center versus “Azg” daily.

MEO Expert Judgment of September 12, 2007 on the Armenian media coverage of parliamentary elections of May 12, 2007.

MEO Decision of July 4 and July 25, 2007 on the complaints of United Liberal Democratic National Party versus Lragir.am, and ARF “Dashnaktsutiun” versus “Azg” daily

In both cases MEO resolved that there had been no violation of the provisions of the Code of Conduct of Media Representatives and the Declaration on Election and Referendum Coverage Principles.

The MEO judgment of July 4, 2007 on the complaint of citizen Samvel Martirosian versus the Second Armenian TV Channel (Դիտորդ մարմնի 2007թ. հուլիսի 4-ի փորձագիտական եզրակացությունը).