YPC Weekly Newsletter



On July 18 at Yerevan State Puppet Theater Yerevan Press Club Annual Award Ceremony was held in celebration of YPC 11th anniversary. The Award was established and is being conferred since 1998 to the best journalists and media organizations of Armenia. On April 4, 2006 the YPC governing body, the Board, adopted the Statutes of the Yerevan Press Club Annual Award, according to which the awardees are now determined not by a special jury, but by the Board members . The right of the nomination of possible awardees lies with YPC members, journalists, public and other organizations. The Statutes also provide that the Award Ceremony will be held on July 18 each year, the YPC foundation date, unless the Board decides otherwise.

YPC Annual Award winners in 2005-2006 are:

Senik Kara-Poghosian, author and presenter of “Proffootball” program cycle of “Shoghakat” TV company – for the professional coverage of football events.

Hovhannes Yeranian, culture and arts observer of “Yerkir” weekly and the author of “Gzrotsner” (“Drawers”) program at Public Television of Armenia – for loyalty to the subject.

“Yerevan” magazine – for the best presentation of Armenia abroad.

Nver Mnatsakanian, author and presenter of “Herankar” (“Prospect”) of “Shant” TV company – for assisting the presentation of diverse opinions on the hottest issues of the day on TV air.

A special award (memorable gift) was granted to the Correspondent of “Deutsche Welle” radio station (Russian service) in Armenia Ashot Gazazian – for the book “In the Shadow of the Sun” as a successful attempt to transform journalism into literature and literature into journalism.