YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 6, another talk show of “Press Club” cycle, dealing with journalistic ethics, went on “Yerkir Media” TV channel. The weekly TV cycle is produced by Yerevan Press Club with the support of Deutsche Welle Academy.

The “Press Club” focused on the ethical aspects of reporting on national, religious and other sensitive issues. The main reason for this topic was the episode from the news and entertainment program “Good Morning, Armenians!”, broadcast on “Armenia” TV channel on March 19, 2013. The episode had  provoked negative feedback among the residents of Gyumri, the second largest city of Armenia. The “Press Club” discussants – Margarita Minasian, Executive Director of “Tsayg” TV company of Gyumri, and Ashot Gazazian, correspondent of Deutsche Welle in Armenia, expressed their opinions. The experts of the program were Yuri Kazakov, Co-Chairman of the Russian Public Collegium for Press Complaints, Manana Aslamazian, Director of “Alternative Resources in Media” program, Naira Martikian, producer of “Shant” TV company, and Ashot Melikian, Chairman of Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression. YPC President Boris Navasardian hosted the talk show.   

The next “Press Club” will be aired on “Yerkir Media” on Monday, May 13 at 18.00 (rerun – on Saturday, May 18 at 12.00).

Watch “Press Club” of May 6, 2013 here