12 December, 1962 – 16 February, 2020

Place of Birth: Tsulukidze (Khoni), Georgia


1980-1985 Yerevan Polytechnic Institute; Energy department

1999 “Magnum” photojournalism workshop, organized by Open Society Institute with
the participation of photographers Larry Towell, Susan Meisales (Yerevan)

2002 scholarship winner of Hasselblad foundation (Goteborg, Sweden)


1989-2020 free-lance correspondent

2003 photo correspondent of “Takoma Voice” newspaper (Maryland, USA)

1996-1998 photo correspondent of “Respublika Armenia” newspaper

1993 correspondent of “Zinvor” newspaper


2005 Yerevan Press Club Annual Award – for the photograph series “Deadly Toys”

2002 award winner of Fifty Crows International Foundation for Documentary Photography (founded by “Mother Jones” magazine, San-Francisco, USA)

2001 award for excellence in the press of Versus studio and OSI (Yerevan, Armenia)

2000 Best photographer of the year in American-Armenian magazine “Hamaynapatker” (Los Angeles)

Publications: “Respublika Armenia”, “Takoma Voice” (USA), “Garun” magazine and
other local and foreign media

Hobbies: cars, fishing

Languages: Russian

Marital status: married, a daughter