Chief Editor of “Azg” Newspaper

Date and Place of Birth: November 21, 1945, Beirut, Lebanon


1965-1970 Yerevan State University; Philological Department; philologist


1990-present chief editor of ”Аzg” newspaper

1980-1990 chief editor of ”Zartonk” newspaper (Beirut)

1977-1980 correspondent of ”Zartonk” newspaper (Beirut)

Membership in Journalistic Associations and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 2002 Journalists Union of Armenia

Since 1990 Journalists Union of Lebanon

Since 1996 member of Media Association of Armenia

Membership in Parties and Their Governing Bodies:

member of Ramkavar-Azatakan party


1986 Rita and Vardges Palyan (USA) Award

2001 “Movses Khorenatsi” medal

Publications: ”Arev” (Egypt), ”Nor-Оr” (Los Angeles, USA), ”Apaga” (Montreal, Canada), ”Armenian Mirror Spectator” (Boston, USA), ”Les Nouvelles d’Armenie” (Paris, France)

Hobbies: chess

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English, French, Arabian, Turkish

Marital Status: married with two children

Contact Information:

47, Hanrapetutyan str., Yerevan

Tel. (374 10) 52 16 35

Fax (374 10) 56 28 63

Е-mail: [email protected]