Correspondent of EFE Spanish News Agency in Armenia

Date and Place of Birth: June 10,1968, Yerevan, Armenia


1985-1990 Yerevan Brusov State Institute of Foreign Languages; Department of the Russian Language and Literature; philologist


1993-present correspondent of EFE Spanish news agency in Armenia

1992-1993 correspondent of “South” news agency (Russia)

1990-1992 correspondent, director of “National Self-Determination” Union press center

Membership in Journalistic Associations and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 1998 one of the co-founders and director of Foreign Correspondents Association of Armenia

Publications: EFE, France Presse, Reuters, “Les Nouvelles d’Armenie” (France), “Orer” (Prague), “Le Monde” (France)

Hobbies: sports, jazz, books

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English, German

Marital Status: single

Contact Information:

Tel. (374 10) 54 00 50

Tel./Fax (374 10) 54 24 18

E-mail: [email protected]