Professor of Yerevan State University Journalism Department

Date and Place of Birth: January 16,1979, Yerevan, Armenia


1995-1999 Yerevan State University (YSU); Department of Journalism

1999-2001 YSU; Department of Journalism; graduate studies

2001-2004 YSU; Department of Journalism; post-graduate student, ”ICT and Journalism” thesis

2004 PhD in philology


2009-present marketing director of France Telecom/Orange-ARMENIA

2001-present professor of YSU Journalism Department (“New ICT and Journalism”, “Public Relations”, “Journalism Proficiency”, “Shooting and Montage”)

2005-2009 executive director of “FM 105.5” radio station

2004-2009 executive director of Radio “HAY 104.1”

2000-2001 chief editor of “AR” TV Company news department

1999-2001 director of news department of “Hai FM 105.5” radio company and Radio “HAY 104.1”

1998 reporter-commenter of “Lurer” program of “Nork” TV

1995-1998 reporter, youth department editor of “Aravot” newspaper

1993-1995 reporter of “Maximum” newspaper

Membership in Journalistic Associations and Their Governing Bodies:

Since 2000 Yerevan Press Club

Since 2002 International Association of Journalists “South Caucasus”

Publications: “Maximum”, “Hayatsk Yerevanits”, “Bravo”, “Azg”, “Aravot” newspapers, “Armenpress” news agency, “Hai FM 105.5”, “HAY 104.1”, “Nork”, “AR”,

2003 translator and editor of the book by R. De Volk “Online and Journalism”

Languages: Armenian, Russian, English

Marital Status: single

Contact Information:

Tel. (374 95) 98 86 01 (mob.)

E-mail: [email protected]